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“Desire to Serve, Courage to Act”

Englewood Fire Department

The Englewood Area Fire Control District operates the Englewood Fire Department utilizing seven fire stations and a professional staff of 57 firefighter/EMT's assigned to three shifts. A minimum of 15 FF/EMT's are on duty each day. The professional firefighters are supplemented by 32 volunteer firefighter/EMTs.


History & Stations

The Englewood Area Fire Control District is a self governing "special fire district" established by the Florida Legislature in 1983. It is an independent governmental unit funded by a non-ad valorm assessment.


24 Hour Response For Emergencies - CALL 911


The Englewood Fire Department provides service to 83 square miles of Charlotte and Sarasota Counties, extending from South Venice in Sarasota County, to the Lee County line. The Englewood Area Fire Control District has a year round population of over 50,000 expanding to over 80,000 "in season"